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- Academy housed in multi-storeyed building.
- Environment is Eco-Friendly.
- Classrooms are made accoring to modern technology (i.e. Smart Class).
- Toddler's World i.e. A nursery that nurtures young innocent saplings with love and care.
- Sports : Basketball, Football, Hockey, Swimming, Volleyball, Table Tennis, Chess, Softball, Marshal Art, Athletics, Cricket, Baseball.
-Library. - Well equipped labs (Science Lab, Computer Lab, Language Lab, Mathematics Lab).
- Global Exposure, Trips and Excursions.

Infrastructure & Playground Detail

Quality Education

We live in a world where the demands to achieve academic and career success have become the end-goals of life. But when did that start? Is this what we really want to achieve as a society and as individuals? We believe that the education is only good if it helps our children succeed outside of school, in having good careers and happy lives.

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What is Systematic Approach to Teaching?
It is a network of elements or parts different from each other but each one is special in the sense that each performs a unique function for the life and effectiveness of the instructional system.

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Students have the constant attention of the teacher so they can listen to and speak more than they might in a group situation. They can contribute to classes more and feel part of the learning process by bringing material like books, songs, articles from local newspapers to class. They can become better learners through learner training with their teacher.

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Message By Authority

Vikram Sharma


Orient Group is committed to promote quality education comprising of high values life like sincerity, truthfulness, dedication, tolerance and fellow feeling. Besides providing value oriented education, school is also providing every required facility for all round development of children like playway and harmonious method of teaching, best faculty of hardworking, dedication and sincere teachers, best Science and Computer labs, Prevision for sports to keep them fit, cultural activities to widen their mental horizon and to give them more exposure to face the future challenges.

Mrs. Sharda Rani Tiwari

Director Principal

“Learning without thought is labor lost and thought without learning is paralyze”
Man is the crown of creation. God has blessed him with the facilities of learning, speaking, understanding, the freedom of choice and the freedom of will. He can exercise them properly only if he is educated. It is said that education is the third eye of a man. It stimulates our brain and widens our outlook. A well-educated man cannot afford to be shallow, narrow-minded and fanatical to his outlook.

Aims and Objectives of Education

Orient Group aims to provide value based education to form disciplined men and women of high character who could be of best service to the humanity and nation. Its main objective is to realize full physical, mental and spiritual potential of each and to instil in each child the qualities and attitude for success in life as well as for becoming a good citizen and a good human being. Children are taught to have a respect for laws, instructions, norms and usage which are underpinning of a stable and healthy society. Extra-Curricular activities are organized in a close and friendly supervision. The students are taught to be truthful, self-confident and self-reliant. They are free to snatch the best weapon of education through the education armory of a teacher.

"A sound body keeps a sound mind."
Not only physical fitness but also centralized mind is the gift of playing different indoor and outdoor games. Games and sports are an integral part of a student's life. A student should study hard to be successful in competitive examinations but he should also play games and sports to enjoy the health and vigor of life. The school provides a comprehensive platform for active participation in different kinds of games and events.

The school offers a board based curriculum which is designed to make the education needs of children within the parameters of the CBSE framework.
Emphasis will be made on a well-rounded curriculum to develop literacy, numeracy and thinking skills. Keeping the fact close to "Our heart that every student today is a leader of tomorrow", Our affable curriculum is devised to develop the four C's of basic Skill- Confident, Co-Operation, Curiosity and Communication.

Orient has tie ups with International Universities to cater the needs of higher and professional education.
Educational trips to abroad and various places in the country are organised. This provides the childern the opportunity to learn outside the formal classroom situation.

Orient International School
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